Commands Reference

This is a list of commands that we try to use

  • Come - with a hand gesture reeling from the outwards right to the chest.
  • Sit - along with a upwards hand gesture.
  • Down - along with a downwards gesture, putting the fist on the ground.
  • Wait - stand still when another command is imminent, such as "go".
  • Free - release from commands, free time to roam.
  • Go - after a "wait", start walking.
  • Lift - touch a leg and say "lift". Then raise the leg and clean the paw. "good lift" is the regard. 
  • Crate - point to the crate and let her go in. Possibly follow with "down"
  • Let  Go - drop whatever you have in your mouth.
  • Take it - take whatever is offered to you in your mouth.
  • Heel - call her to be next to your left or right side.

Here is a list of routines that we try to implement consistently

  • Getting food: before offering the bowl with kibbles, make her "sit" and then "wait" for a few seconds. Say "go" to allow the feast. 
  • Leaving the house: before leaving the house, make her "wait" for a few seconds, then leave first and give the "go" command.
  • Entering the house: before entering the house, make her "wait" and pull out the wipes to clean the paws. Then do the "lift" routine. Then enter the house first, say "wait" and allow her to follow after a few seconds with "go"
  • Enter the Crate: point to the inside of the crate and say "crate" to make her go into the crate. If it is for sleeping time, do the "down" routine with praise or treat.
  • Entering the car: open the backdoor and point to the inside. Say "go" to make her jump in. Close the door and give a treat from the drivers seat.

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